Podcast #18

Podcast #18: November 8, 2005

I haven’t posted an archived podcast in a while. I still really want to do new ones, but I have the same technical issues, and it was just frustrating me too much. Maybe this summer I’ll have enough time on my hands to finally get it working…if anyone other than myself still cares. But yes, it’s still on the agenda.

Anyway, I’ve had some renewed interest in the old podcasts…so here’s another. I listened to this one first. It’s not good. Unless you like plenty of awkward moments.

Podcast #17 (and frustration)

Podcast #17: November 1, 2005

While I’m happy to have a home on the web again, I’m still not doing what I wanted to do with this space. New podcasts have been slow coming because I’m a total novice when it comes to home recording, and I can’t seem to get this working right. So, have mercy on a total noob.

I have a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer, a Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphone, several RCA cables and stereo cables (mini and 1/4), and a Behringer UCA202 to connect the mixer to my PowerBook via USB. So yeah, I’ve invested in this a little bit. I want to send the audio from my computer to the mixer (songs played in iTunes) while recording everything on my computer simultaneously. Every setup I’ve tried results in a feedback loop. It works alright if I’m just using the mic, but using my laptop as both an input and output is a no-go. Surely this is possible and not doomed to result in an endless feedback loop, right? I’m tired of returning cables to RadioShack.

Podcast #16

Podcast #16: October 25, 2005

Yes, it’s old. I just thought I’d post another archived podcast to pass the time. Some of these are quite horrible upon a second listen four years later…

But what’s exciting is that I’m finally going to be relocating to Athens next week, which means I’ll be setting up to record again real soon. And the blog is finally looking pretty and functional, thanks to Ahren Code’s Ahisma WordPress theme.

I’m hoping that within the next few weeks, I’ll have a brand new podcast up. So, song requests? Suggested topics of discussion? Post them here.

podcast #15

podcast #15: october 18, 2005

Another one from the archives to let you know I’m still alive here. Again, I don’t remember at all what this contains. I do remember fall 2005 as being pretty incredible though. It’s a time I often miss while I’m trying to survive the quarterlife crisis.

I’ve been a total slacker, but in my defense I’ve had quite a busy summer. Steph and I went on a good old fashioned road trip up to Long Island, NY. We hit the Eternal Sunshine spots that we could. And yes, we got engaged. It was perfect and gorgeous and I’m excited about what the future holds, even though I’m on my last couple of paychecks from the teaching gig. I’ll save the nitty gritty details and photos for Facebook.

New podcasts are still on the way. The equipment works wonderfully, but the cables are giving me trouble (recording only one channel for some reason). I could record in one channel and upload that, in fact I’m really anxious to go ahead and do that, but it’d bug me to listen to that so I’m trying to get it sorted out. I know very little about the recording/mixing process so I’m learning as I go along.

Thanks for the non-spam comments (Andrew and Jess). We’ll have to build this thing up from the ground again.

podcast #14

podcast #14: october 11, 2005

Another one from the WGUR archives as I take care of housekeeping.  I don’t recall at all what’s in here, so listen at your own risk.

Payday this week!  So, I’ve ordered a mixer (Behringer XENYX 802) and a mic (Behringer C-1) for recording, so new ones are on the way soon.  I’ve never shopped for recording equipment before, and I was actually surprised at how inexpensive that stuff was.

Stephanie and I are road-tripping this summer with the eventual destination of Montauk.  My intention is to podcast from various locations on the east coast as we head up there.  So, I never wanted to replicate a studio.  Portability is the goal right now.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is our movie.  I found a very cool Variety article with the exact addresses of many of the locations used in the film.  It’ll surely be the best use of the GPS yet.

P.S. Holy bejeezus…how did these spammers find my blog so quickly?

podcast #13

podcast #13: october 4, 2005

Here’s a very old show from the archives, while I work out the kinks for the site.  It’s always weird reading old journals or things you’ve written; it’s even weirder hearing your younger self speak.

Things I don’t miss:

  • The bumps (had to play these)
  • Awkward moments, filler talk, and perceived lack of planning
  • My lack of musical knowledge compared to now
  • The fact that I played Bloodhound Gang…but part of me still laughed

Things I miss:

  • Yue Daddy
  • GCSU/the WGUR studio in Atkinson
  • Hunter (who is not in this podcast)

I’m not posting playlists anymore.  Copyright Nazi Paranoia.  Listen and be surprised…or not, it is a re-run after all.

If you have any suggestions for the following, please comment:

  • Mixers, mics, and recording equipment (nothing professional…as cheap, simple, and portable as it can get)
  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • RSS feeds
  • iTunes cover art

Thanks for listening.