Under construction…but the foundation is set

Out with the procedural stuff first.

I’ve owned this domain since ’04, and while it’s been inactive for the majority of the time, it was cheap enough to renew it every year and keep it safe from squatters.  Time, money, and a lack of focus are primary reasons for the inactivity.

One of the most exciting things I did as an undergrad was producing and podcasting my radio show.  This was in ’05, right as folks were catching onto the wave of podcasting.  I did this on my own; no one at WGUR seemed to be willing to get the online streaming (or even a website) up.  I was one of a handful of non-mass comm. majors to be as involved as I was with the station.  However, I took on a lot of credits during my last year or so, and had to give it up.  I would love to have pursued it as a career, but my passion was primarily in radio, and it’s clearly a dying medium.  I’m excited that 99X just returned this weekend; I haven’t had a chance to listen because I’ve been out of the Atlanta area, but the fact that it came back is a bit of a miracle.  Commercial and public radio all around the country is struggling; the trend is definitely pointing toward podcasting or online streaming a la Pandora, and it has been for a while.  It’s cheap, you can reach a lot of listeners, and most people who do it aren’t looking for a lot of profit, anyway.

I was always surprised to see how many people visited and at least downloaded podcasts (who knows if they listened or not).  I amassed one or two reviews on iTunes.  Which, actually, was a big deal to me, because I did nothing to advertise aside from some flyers on campus.  I have no clue how anyone outside of Milledgeville got word of the site or the show.  People listening was/is a bonus.  I just love playing good music.

This has been a long time coming.  A big thanks to David (thirdeyeblindrocks) at TVCY for setting me up with hosting.  I won’t have the luxury of a studio like I did when I was at WGUR, but maybe that will be a blessing.  I’ll be buying a mixer and a mic with my next paycheck, and hope to be podcasting on the road some this summer; from my apartment in the meantime.

You can expect a few shows from the archive (re-runs) while I get things up and running with the site and hardware side of things.