we’re getting older and older and older, and always a little further out of the way

[Originally posted 9/9/11]

Here’s a rarity that I just thought I’d share today. I’m feeling this song right now, and I haven’t seen this version posted very many places.

For those who don’t know, “August and Everything After” (the song) was once the holy grail of Counting Crows songs. The album cover of the same name features its lyrics; fans were always aware that the song exists somewhere in some form, but it was thought to be lost forever, until a fan found the full lyrics and gave them to Adam, who agreed to play the song, solo on piano, back in 2003 at a San Francisco show.

The most frequently traded recording of this song is from the first time it was played, from (I believe) the previous night, but it’s an audience recording with a somewhat annoying crowd. This is a soundboard recording, officially released by the band on the CD single for “She Don’t Want Nobody Near.” Enjoy. It’s my favorite Counting Crows song, and one of my favorite songs period.

MP3: Counting Crows – August and Everything After (Soundboard, Live in San Francisco)