boxer or the bag

Couple things; I’ll go ahead and mention this first because I have to. Jeff Mangum recently announced his Winter 2012 tour dates, and as promised, this includes the 40 Watt here in Athens. He’ll be playing not just one but two nights! Also announced was an Atlanta date at the Variety Playhouse, so he’s finally giving his E6 hometown/state some love, which I’m ecstatic about. The fact that he’s still sticking to intimate venues, like clubs, midsize theatres, and churches is also pretty great, despite how hard that makes it to obtain tickets. (On that note, I had to say no to Radiohead at Philips Arena, which went on sale the same week–why the big corporate venues and $70 tickets? Of course, it still sold out quickly.)

I knew how fast Toronto sold out, so I had to be on it if I wanted the tickets. I didn’t want to risk depending on a website if I didn’t have to, so I scoped out Wuxtry on Friday morning, where tickets went on sale at noon. Pretty pleasant experience compared to fighting an error-laden website–I got in line at 11, talked to some other nice folks who were waiting, and I had tickets in my hand by 12:15:

So there’s that. Also, I think I’ve found my movie of the year: 50/50. I caught it at CinΓ© a couple weeks ago (it’s more mainstream than what they normally play), and it’s a fantastic movie that pretty much everyone should see. A lot about it has stuck with me, including the music. I found most of the songs on Spotify and made my own soundtrack, since an official soundtrack doesn’t exist…and I recommend you do the same, whether you’ve seen the movie or not. Here’s the soundtrack, from top to bottom:

1. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
2. Jacuzzi Boys – Brick or Coconuts
3. The Walkmen – New Country
4. Radiohead – High and Dry
5. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes – Carries On
6. Bee Gees – To Love Somebody
7. The Aggrolites – Work to Do
8. autoKratz – Stay the Same
9. Diplomats of Solid Sound – Soul Connection
10. Shapes and Sizes – Too Late for Dancing
11. Gerry Rafferty – Days Gone Down
12. Roy Orbison – Crying
13. Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
14. Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter