I’m nicotine / I’m coming clean

In just less than a month, fun. will release their sophomore album Some Nights on their new label, Fueled By Ramen. I’ll reserve my judgement until I hear it (I remain skeptical), but in the meantime, here’s an old hometown set from Nate’s old band The Format. This is a rare soundboard recording from the band’s early days, shortly after the release of Interventions + Lullabies and on a stint opening for Yellowcard and Something Corporate. Ah, 00s pop-punk.

I’ve always liked what Nate has to say before “Give it Up”: “This next song’s about graduating from high school and kind of losing touch with people, which for the most part you should, ’cause high school’s kind of a waste.” A fitting theme for the year after I graduated from high school, and a fitting time to mention that my ten-year reunion is coming up this year. I have lost touch with all those people, with no regrets. College is another story. So, I don’t intend to go. I already see how much more successful those people are than myself on Facebook.

Enjoy the recording.

The Format – Live at Mesa Amphitheater – Mesa, AZ – 3/20/04

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1. [Intro]
2. I’m Ready, I Am
3. Tie the Rope
4. [Nate Talking]
5. Tune Out
6. The First Single
7. Wait, Wait, Wait
8. Give it Up
9. Sore Thumb