tie the rope, tap the brake, cause a scene

I saw a request for this somewhere out there, and I needed an excuse to post something. I’m pretty sure this little acoustic session known as the “White Room Demos” was sent out to people on The Format’s email list back in the day. It contains what is probably my favorite version of the b-side “Your New Name.” It’s also got an early version of “Janet” with a lot of lyrical differences and a more upbeat tempo than the final version, which I first heard back in ’04, so this is definitely pre-Dog Problems by a few years. Enjoy.

The Format – White Room Demos
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1. Your New Name
2. Janet

  • Worstbandnameever

    Hey Luke – I’ve grabbed some of the format live tracks off your blog that I did not have.  I know if might be a long shot, but do you have a studio version of swans?



  • I do! Sort of. I ripped it from the Moving MacAllister (I think that was the movie?) DVD. So, it’s got the cheesy dialogue from the movie all over it. It’s not really worth listening to outside of curiosity. But I can post it if you like.

  • Brooke

    Heads up to both of you……..the studio version leaked to Tumblr about a year ago. It’s up on youtube now. Here ya go:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reSk284_8RQ

    P.S. Thanks for posting the White Room demos. I’ve been looking for them for a really long time. The Format’s old demos sure were special.

  • Wow, thanks! I don’t know how I wasn’t aware of this.

  • Tim DiBella

    i just wanted to say thank you Luke, I just made an account for this website because I’ve found a lot of The Format stuff on here that i cant get anywhere else, i literally want to cry that you posted this i’m so happy. I’ve dug so deep into this fandom already if you have anything related to he format anymore such as mp3s or anything can you please email me my email is timothydibela@gmail.com. Im not sure if this site is even active anymore.. it makes me sad

  • Thanks Tim! The site is still active in the sense that it still exists…I sometimes debate about updating it, but haven’t had anything really worthy to post about. I’ve shared all of my rare Format/fun. stuff (live recordings, demos, etc.)…if I find something new I’ll definitely update with it. Hope you enjoy it!