I’m coming up on four years in Athens and settling in quite well at the new apartment on Milledge. Certain forces may pull me away from this town soon, but I’m finally at the point where things feel very familiar, but without shortage of potential new experiences. I’m starting to crave health more than ever. Social health, intellectual health, physical health. The fact that I’ve been here this long without making more friends is disappointing. Work duties often keep me out of touch with myself, though I don’t have an excuse for the two months I’ve had off this summer. And being in walking distance to Five Points gives me a purpose to walk, which I don’t always get in less interesting contexts.

The light in the outside hallway at the new place is always on, and I find a strange kind of comfort seeing it peek through the crack at the bottom of the door at night. Comfort keeps me inside far too often. I’ve always been a glutton for it. I can’t simply crave for experiences to be handed to me the way they were in college. I have much more freedom now, many more choices; they can be overwhelming, and it’s my new goal to not be so calculating. All of the best things that have come out of the past five years have been the result of taking risks. The safer choices would have led me down a much less happy route.

The soundtrack to this post is Japandroids. Post-Nothing had something like a 5% inspiration on some of the positive life changes I made a few years ago. Here’s a bootleg from that era. Credit to the original taper as always.

japandroidsJapandroids – Live at Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA – 7/29/09
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1. Intro
2. No Allegiance to the Queen
3. The Boys Are Leaving Town
4. Art Czars
5. Rockers East Vancouver
6. Heart Sweats / Darkness on the Edge of Gastown
7. Young Hearts Spark Fire
8. Racer-X
9. Crazy/Forever
10. Sovereignty
11. To Hell with Good Intentions