same town, new story

The fall thus far has been a season of change, with the start of a new job and new possibilities that come with it. This includes the ability to live pretty much anywhere in the country, but it’s looking like I’ll still be in Athens for a while longer, with which I have no problem. Though I am very much looking forward to traveling: I get to go to back to the UK this spring for the first time since my college trip, which is definitely a perk. I can’t wait to walk the streets of London again.

The new Interpol record El Pintor has had a lot of spins from me lately, and I’ve actually re-discovered their two post-Antics records, which have some great moments that I didn’t recognize before. Nothing is as good as Turn on the Bright Lights, but Our Love to Admire, which I initially deemed sub-par, does have one of my all-time favorite Interpol songs, “Pioneer to the Falls.” The 2010 self-titled album was critically panned, and it is their worst, but songs like “Try It On” and “Barricade” give it a few strong points. El Pintor isn’t quite a return to form, but it’s good–definitely their best work in some time. The single “All the Rage Back Home” is one of the strong points, as well as tracks “My Blue Supreme” and “Breaker 1,” which sounds like it could have been a solid TOTBL b-side.

I’m looking forward to seeing them at the Tabernacle next month–I don’t trek over to Atlanta for very many shows anymore, but this one should be a good time, if this recent live performance is any indication.