podcast #14

podcast #14: october 11, 2005

Another one from the WGUR archives as I take care of housekeeping.  I don’t recall at all what’s in here, so listen at your own risk.

Payday this week!  So, I’ve ordered a mixer (Behringer XENYX 802) and a mic (Behringer C-1) for recording, so new ones are on the way soon.  I’ve never shopped for recording equipment before, and I was actually surprised at how inexpensive that stuff was.

Stephanie and I are road-tripping this summer with the eventual destination of Montauk.  My intention is to podcast from various locations on the east coast as we head up there.  So, I never wanted to replicate a studio.  Portability is the goal right now.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is our movie.  I found a very cool Variety article with the exact addresses of many of the locations used in the film.  It’ll surely be the best use of the GPS yet.

P.S. Holy bejeezus…how did these spammers find my blog so quickly?