My name is Luke, and I’ve been around with this site since sometime in ’04. This space has always been centered around music, podcasts of my radio show, and some occasional personal notes, but overall, it’s just whatever I feel like putting up.

  • michael

    hey, i was here recently and saw the Next Red Light EP. can you tell me what year that came out and since i don’t see the post up anymore, can you send me some cover art for it? thank you!

  • Luke

    The post is coming back soon–my provider switched hosts a couple of months ago, I only just switched them on my end, so I temporarily lost some posts. I don’t know much about that EP other than what I had…I downloaded it a long time ago from a Format fansite that’s no longer around. If I find the original cover art/year of release, I’ll include it when I re-post. Thanks!

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